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Getting Started

We've designed Zuplo to be easy to get started, our goal is you go from zero to live API gateway in under 2 minutes. Let us know if we fail on this and why!

Before you know it you'll have a Stripe quality API experience you'll be proud of.

1. Setup your first route

Open the routes.json file in the file editor on the left. Change the first route's path to /products/:productId and the URL Rewrite to${params.productId}.

You now have a route on your gateway that matches an incoming request like /products/10000 and forwards it to


2. Add authentication and protection

Next, we’ll add two policies to this route:

  • API-Key Authentication
  • Rate-limiting

Click the Add Policy button on the request pipeline and add each of these policies.

Auth Policy

3. Setup an API Consumer

Now that your API is protected with API-Key authentication you need to create an API consumer that can generate a key. Head to the settings Settings section and choose API Key Consumers.

API Key Consumers

Click Add new consumer [3] and enter a name for your API key, and enter your own e-mail address as the manager (so that you can create a key to complete the demo), then click Save - you can leave the metadata blank.

4. Visit your developer portal to create a key

Click on the Your Dev Portal link near the top left of the portal.

Open Portal

You’ll see the documentation that has been automatically generated for your API 🎉. Click the sign-in button at the top right and sign in with your e-mail address. Click the API Key tab - you should see the name of the key you set up in step 3. Click Create key to generate your API key and copy it to your clipboard... you’re ready to go.

Now test your API 🚀

Open the integrated settings API Test Console [1] and set the path to /products/10000 [2]. Hit Test [3] to fire an unauthenticated request to your API - you should get a 401 Unauthorized response.

Test API

Now add an authorization header with the format Bearer <apikey> [4], using the API key you copied from the developer portal - you should get a 200 🎊 .

Finally, hit Test [3] a few more times to test that rate limiting ✋.